About Ms. Cooper & Ms. Hall


Social Worker

I am Gabi Cooper. Before I was a school social worker, I was the director of the after school and summer camp program at Next Generation School in Champaign which had both students from Next Generation and students from area public schools. Because my favorite part of my job was helping students and their families problem solve life's challenges, I decided that I really needed to be a school social worker. This is my second year at Broadmeadow.

There are two parts to every child: who they are and who they can become. It is my goal to help the students, and the adults in their lives, recognize who they are in the present moment move towards who they can become. Using the students’ current strengths, I help them develop skills to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. I help the adults in the students’ lives understand and accept that, while their students may not be where they want them to be, working together, we can help the student move forward. Every student is doing the best that they can, and, tomorrow, they will be able to do even better.


Social Worker

My name is Ms. Hall and I am one of the school social workers at Broadmeadow. This is my second year and I am loving the school spirit and community Broadmeadow has created.

My favorite things to do are cooking, reading, and hiking. I also love to travel.

My philosophy: Understanding our emotions and how they affect our thoughts and behaviors is the first step in understanding the world outside ourselves.

My hope for this school year is that even though things are different and a bit off, we can still build strong relationships and provide a safe and supportive environment for learning.

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