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Parent Guide to Remote Learning

Teaching from home is not what kids or families had in mind this year, and can be challenging, especially when you aren't even sure where to start. Teachers find it challenging too! We miss you all, but we are here to support you, Bobcats. Feel free to reach out to us if you are having issues with technology, don't understand your assignments, are feeling lonely, or can't find access to resources your family needs! We are in our homes and apart from one another, but are always a school family.

The resource guide attached helps to outline some helpful tips to those of remote teaching our kids at home right now! Even as teachers who are now parenting and teaching our own kids at home, this is all new territory. We know how to run a classroom. It is harder to run a classroom from your kitchen table, so when we say we are all in this together - we mean it!

AC165-60 A Parent Guide Support Your Chi
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