Hello! I am Lyndsey Breymeyer. I am the music teacher here at Broadmeadow. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from EIU in 2012. I have been teaching music at Broadmeadow for seven years. Before teaching music at Broadmeadow, I was a teaching assistant at Gerber School, part of Cunningham Children’s Home in Urbana. 
I was born and raised in Urbana, Illinois. I currently live in Paxton, Illinois (about 10 minutes north of Rantoul) with my husband (Chris)  of 7 years, our two little boys (Malcolm will be 4 in October, and Sebastian 1), and our very friendly and loveable kitty, Minnie. Fun fact about my boys is that they go to daycare right up the street from Broadmeadow at the Cross’ house (we have some friends at Broadmeadow who live there). 
Besides music, I love sports, especially football, basketball, and volleyball. My favorite football team is the Chicago Bears. Despite going to EIU for college, I was born an Illini fan. During quarantine in March/April, I picked up the hobby of canvas painting (I put a couple of pictures of my favorites on my photo page). I also enjoy spending time with my family and my husband’s family. Fun fact about my family is that I have twin nieces...they are five years old and just started Kindergarten in Urbana (I also put pictures of them in the photo area).
Everyone’s favorite fun fact about me is that I am a gamer! My husband has a game night with a few of our closest friends every weekend.  We collect video games and board games. We love to go to garage sales, discount game stores, and thrift stores to see if we can find any games, not in our collection. We are mostly Nintendo fans, but we also have other systems and games. We have every Nintendo console dating back to the NES all the way to the switch! We also have many handheld systems such as game boys, DS, and 3ds. My favorite Nintendo games are Pokémon, Mario, and my absolute favorite...Animal Crossing!  Our most recent addition to the collection is a PS4. We have been playing a lot of a new game called Fall Guys. We also collect board games. We have over 50 games. We like to trade games with people online! My favorite board game is called Rack-O, which is a sequence/matching card game. It’s really fun and challenging!

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