My name is Ms. Blom, and I teach the first grade.  I grew up in Rantoul, and I went to Broadmeadow myself from kindergarten through sixth grade.  

I doubled majored at the University of Illinois in Spanish and International Relations.  I thought I was going to live overseas and work for a non-profit.  I spent one year abroad in Spain, and taught Spanish at Rantoul High School.  I loved teaching, but I wasn't sure high school was the right fit for me.  I went to Eastern Illinois University, and obtained a degree in elementary education.  

I did my student teaching in South Africa in a 6th grade classroom!  I came back to the United States, and taught at Northview.  I have taught 4th, 5th, and now first grade.  I have taught in Rantoul for ten years.

I have always loved reading, and my mom would have hide books from me when I was supposed to be writing papers or studying for tests.  She would reward me with books when I was finished.  I love traveling, and have been all over the world.  My dream is to go to the Amalfi Coast, Croatia, and Russia.  I love spending time with my family, and watching my one year old daughter, Emsley, experience old things through new eyes.

The best part of teaching is the excitement when a student "gets it"!  I love watching kids experience something for the first time and feel success.  My philosophy of teaching has changed over the years with the experience I have gained and research I have done.  I love hands on teaching and shaking things up by transforming my classroom into the learning environment I want my students to embrace.  We have dressed up as doctors to perform "surgery" on CVC words, and we have pretended to be bats in a bat cave.  I love researching new techniques and best practices, and seeing the engagement and pure joy come alive each day! 

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